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TAY RING CO.,LTD Production humidifier in 1971 (1971), the Company's principal place of business projects for gardening equipment, agricultural tools, agricultural products, refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, temperature controller, time controller, humidifierassembly processing,trading expertise and friendly service to the business philosophy of success in 74 years (1985), a half-day fog created its own brand TL-3600 TL-5500 centrifugal humidifier, widely praised by the market, a half-daymist humidifiers have been widely sold in Taiwan and multi-country regions, the table edge half-day mist humidifier not only for agriculture humidification, more can be used in the bird house cool, sterile room , textile humidification,quality agriculture, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, capsules, storage industry, hospitals, gardens, public places, greenhouse mushroom cultivation, farms, fruits and vegetables, fresh bread manufacturing ... must humidification place to increase the moisture content,the product has been made moreStates patent certification, completely manufactured in Taiwan, quality absolute hung guarantee.

Adhere to strict quality control, resulting in the performance of the company is growing year by year, to create a win-win situation with customers. Uphold the principle of good faith cooperation with customers, in order to achieve the goal of sustainable management of the company, and I look forward to contribute to the industry. Constantly upgrade their technical and management level, to better work attitude, firm belief and tireless efforts to provide our clients with quality service and products, TAY RING CO.,LTD worthy of your trust and the trust of all walks of life are welcome to visit and advise.

Humidifying machine is mainly used in the following related range:

  • Hospital, cooling,
  • Eight major industry, air aromatic
  • Public places cooling, sterilization, air and an aromatic
  • Fruits and vegetables moisturizing, fresh
  • Mushroom cultivation humidification, cooling,
  • Quality agriculture humidification, cooling,
  • Agriculture and animal husbandry humidification, cooling,
  • Horticulture humidification, cooling,
  • Textile mill humidification
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning equipment humidification